NVRSHN is a band from Indonesia that I found online and you guessed it … on Instagram. We exchanged a few messages and I heard their EP and I was blown away by the quality not only of the music but of the graphics for each track. These guys are working hard to make sure every aspect of their music is quality, they practice, they learn, they don’t settle and they create each song beautifully.

After listening to the EP you need to keep in mind that English is not their first language but with some work we won’t even notice that in the future. They could have kept it easy and just sing in their language but the fact that they are singing in English should tell you something, their target is not only local but they are looking at the whole world and aim to make sure their music reaches everyone. And actually just by listening to them I know that small hitch will fade away thanks to the hard work and dedication they put into their music, into creating a visual experience for each single of the album. The singing will get to where the music is at, it’s just practice, but that does not make the EP a feat in itself.


Genre: Indie Alternative Rock

Members: Ade Nevershine (Guitar-Vocals), Adi (Bass-Vocals), Angga Cuomo (Drum-Vocals)

Formed: August 2015 (this is why I said give them time, they will blow you away)

My Favorite track of the EP is : “Wild”

Overall the EP is great and enjoyable, it’s a first step, I might add a great one. So just sit down, grab your headphones and enjoy NVRSH.