Artist: The Kooks

Album: Inside In/Inside Out

Release date: 2006

Top Tracks: “Ooh la” , “You don’t love me” and the song we have all heard and loved “Naive”.

Why? It’s the debut album of one the greatest British bands to have come out in the last decade. It shows the immaturity of their age when the record was released, but it does so in a fun imaginative way. But it also  gives us great songs that are hard to believe where part of this debut album because of how good they are, how the lyrics and the music just match up and create beautiful music. This was the first step The Kooks took in music, and what a step it was, they are still creating great music, maturing and evolving but still staying true to themselves and their roots.

This album is a must have if you see yourself as somebody who loves the never ending British Invasion of music. It’s one of my priced Albums in my collection and I recommend you to go to the record store, eBay, amazon, anywhere and just get yourself a copy and when you get it, just put it in the record player and enjoy it. You can thank me later.

Track list:

1 Seaside 1:39
2 See The World 2:38
3 Sofa Song 2:13
4 Eddie’s Gun 2:13
5 Ooh La 3:28
6 You Don’t Love Me 2:35
7 She Moves In Her Own Way 2:49
8 Matchbox 3:09
9 Naïve 3:23
10 I Want You 3:26
11 If Only 2:01
12 Jackie Big Tits 2:32
13 Time Awaits 5:08
14 Got No Love 3:39