Youth Inc.

“M” for monsters :

This song had originally been recorded with an other vocalist who had written lyrics and a totally different vocal line to the one we have today. Dany wished to bring new ideas to the song so we started from scratch but kept the main riffs and the “Tim Burton” feel to it that we love.

The idea is to paint a picture of a child being in bed and having scary thoughts. This evolves to a more universal moral that’s true for adults as well as children: we don’t believe in ourselves enough and negative thoughts “cloud” the truth and stop us from doing things we are capable of, for no real reason.

Losing Game :

This song was written quite fast. We wanted to talk about a situation that many guys can relate to. The dilemma faced by a guy who has a girlfriend and things are good but not at their best. Being at a party and very attracted to another girl and having to choose what  little voice to listen to. We liked to bring some ideas that sent back to childhood and feeling young and alive again. This was done with the synths of the intro and the lyrics used at the beginning of the second verse. We also played a lot with the changes of moods of the person who does not know what to do until the end where all the voices mix together.

Freedom Run :

We wanted to mix electronic drums with classic ones. The idea is to have a club or dance feel to the verses and the rock energy on the choruses. The structure is complex and reflexes the emotional rollercoaster of a young person who has lots of dreams but is hit by the hard truths of reality. We wanted to send out a message that’s: Whatever the situation you should follow you heart and dreams cause life is too short.

Smoke King :

This is the first song we recorded. The song is about always wanting to be like someone else and never being satisfied with what you have. The song title might be strange as it’s not in the chorus but we like the idea of putting the accent on the fact that it’s not really what you see that is the full reality of the person’s life. All we know is what the person lets us perceive. If you knew the full story you might not want to be in those shoes!

In Us We Trust :

This is the most complex song and the best we have for live shows. It’s a full workout for Théo and he loves it (and needs it haha) Its about the recent evolution in the scientific fields that slowly brought religions to be questioned. We wanted it to have a pop feel to it but also appeal to the crowd that likes sexy technical parts in a song.