Before the review comes some background (provided by Youth Inc. themselves):
The band started with Damien (Bass player) and Alexandre (on guitar) who shared the same love for music. They met at school and have been playing music together for more or less 15 years. Alexander studied guitar and Damien studied sound engineering and is now working for a big french TV company.
They started working on some of the songs they have now 2 years ago. They like listening to bands like Billy talent, Taking back Sunday, SOAD, Muse, Vitalic, Overwerk, and some classical music like Liszt & Chopin.

Once they had enough tracks down they looked for a vocalist by putting an ad online. Dany then replied and got the job. He’s always loved song writing and had different influences like Tool, Oceansize, Pocupine tree, Karnivool, Deftones, A Perfect Circle, The Mars Volta, Alice In Chains, Silverchair, Incubus, Soundgarden and NIN.

The band had been playing with different drummers for a year but never managed to find the person who really fitted the project. A month ago, they met Théo (who also answered one of the numerous ads) and they think they have finally found their mean machine that we needed to bring the energy of the songs on stage. His influences are mainly Dave Grohl and John Bonham.
They are working hard to be ready for their first gig on April 16th at the “Batofar” for the first round of the “Emergenza” festival.
Youth Inc.

Now … the Demo Review:

The demo is extremely versatile and showcases each instrument perfectly, it allows for the listener to enjoy the melodic voice of Dany and to listen carefully to how Alex, Damien and Theo create one of a kind music to accompany that voice. Not only that but you can also feel the influences each of them has, but inexplicably they see past these differences and create what you hear, and what you hear is Youth Inc.

This is a band that knows what they want and where they want to go, and that place is somewhere where their music will be heard and enjoyed by the masses. This demo is their first step into conquering the music world and it’s one hell of a step. Each song is a unique creation, each song showcases their talent not only musically but also in songwriting, each song is a beast on its own accord. I love the theatrics of each song, the story behind each melody and I can’t stop saying it, but to me Dany has one of those voices that could be timeless and ethereal, a voice of a true lead singer, a singer who is part of a band, a team, a family, this family is Youth Inc.

I invite you to take a listen to each song over and over again, listen to the story, the narrative of the lyrics, enjoy the theatrics each of them has, and remember this is just a demo, a first step into truly being part of the music world.  Youth Inc is here and they are setting their foot down and making sure the world sees their performance and listen to each of their creations.

Side note: Thank you Youth Inc for being so kind and for providing me with all the information I needed and lastly for allowing me to not only write this demo review but the  behind the lyrics and for what is to come. Stay tight, this collaboration is just getting started.