Artist: Bastille and some great talented guests

Album: VS (Other People’s Heartache PT. III)

Release date: 2014

Top tracks: “Bite down” (Feat. HAIM), “Torn Apart” (Feat. GRADES) and my personal favorite “Remains” (Feat. Rag N Bone Man and Skunk Anansie)

Why? Each song, each featuring artist, each voice just makes up this great album. It’s a pleasure to listen each song, since each one has an own story to tell, a different feeling to share, and Dan’s voice fits so well with each voice that accompanies the band in each track. It’s an album to listen and listen over and over again, you will find something new each time, maybe in the same song you found something before or in a new song. Enjoy Bastille and all the great musicians that accompany them in VS (Other People’s heartache PT. III).

Website: http://www.bastillebastille.com/