Front Page show: An in your face kind off song that catches you by surprise with the music and lyrics that make it up, but the surprise is pretty good. It’s aggressive, in your face, bluesy and with some rock in the mix and you just want to pull the volume up and just sing along to it. And of all the singles, it’s my favorite (sorry Tyler, but it’s true).



Next Life (Featuring Finnegan Bell): Opposite from “Front page show” we have “Next Life”, this song has more of a country meets blues feel and the addition of Finnegan Bell gives the song a certain peace, a calm, a feeling of security with the song. It’s strange but that is what you feel. This song is for the time you just want to relax, to lay down and just enjoy some good music.


Take aim: “Take aim” has an old school 90’s or late 80’s vibe to it that just makes you reminisce of the music of that period. It showcases the magnificent guitar and Tyler’s melodic voice and if you add the chorus line you’ve got yourself a great song. This single went on to be part of Tyler Boone’s album “Familiar Faces”.