“だったら。”(If so,) by Kent Yamada(山田健登)

Uber-talented Japanese indie singer/songwriter Kent Yamada comes to Wolf in a Suit with the captivating sonic creation that is “だったら。”(“If so,”). With this refreshingly captivating showcase of feelings and emotions he gives pop a facelift and offers us a welcomed dose of his own sound. The track flows with ease and manages to instantly caress our senses as it transports us to a world made of the melodies and lyrics that have become one. There’s something about his voice that is quite pure and charming, allowing it to gently pull us in as the barriers of language are broken down and all we hear is a wonderful soundscape.

So come seat with me as we listen to this magical must-listen gem sure to become an instant fan favorite and an invitation for those unfamiliar with his voice. Step out of your usual picks and embrace the sounds of this talented Japanese artist. Enjoy!

Location: Japan

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