“Today” by POLUN (寶麟) ft. LU KALA

From Canada comes the talented POLUN (寶麟) in collaboration with LU KALA to give life to the sonic gem that is “Today”. With this exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics, they give life to a soundscape that embraces pop and electronica in a way that is instantly mesmerizing and inviting. Not only is the track a fantastic arrangement of vocals and instruments, but lyrically it just hits the mark and connects with our hearts and souls with such gentle and warm magic. They truly understand what’s needed to not only tell a fantastic and human tale but to also make it so vibrant and hypnotizing from start to end.

Your heart and soul are sure to thank you for giving yourself the chance to simply explore the unknown beauty that makes this track a contemporary masterpiece. So listen and enjoy the ride that awaits inside.

Location: Canada

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“Today, with LU KALA, is a powerful song about embracing your vulnerability in a relationship that’s slipping away. Love blinds us all and we wrote this tune to remind everyone that it’s OK to forget the world and give into your emotions.”


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