“Holding it Down” by Bellavolent

From the US comes the up-and-coming indie singer/songwriter Bellavolent with the catchy indie-pop creation that is “Holding it Down”. With this refreshing and charming track, she offers the listeners a chance to be part of something so special and so full of positivity. Something about it just puts a smile on your face and reminds you that you should not give up and that your dreams are within the range of possibilities in your life. It blends melodies and lyrics in a way that allows the track to flow naturally through the airwaves and really hit it off with our senses.

She has managed to give life to a mesmerizing and hopeful soundscape that is sure to be an instant fan favorite. So listen with me and fall prey to the sweet escape offered by this contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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“…an anthem for everyone who knows what it feels like to hold it down, make change, to lift others up and to never let people give up on their dreams.”


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