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The Soundtrack Part II

The latest playlist has arrived and comes with a great blend of artists in pop, rock, electronica, and other genres.

Artists Location: Canada, USA, United Kingdom and Australia


“B4 This Lyf Is Up” by Karl Wolf

Canadian supernova of talent Karl Wolf comes to us with the captivating and playful sonic creation that is “B4 This Lyf Is Up”. With this track he invites our bodies and our senses to become one and dive into the sweet magic of his soundscape as he paints a picture bound to embrace us instantly. The melodies and lyrics complement each other perfectly making for an instantly captivating and intoxicating sonic experience that is sure to be memorable from beginning to end. His voice serves as the perfect guide as we take step after step and allow the verses to connect, telling us a story so human and so real. So get ready to dance, to smile and live as this must-listen gem comes alive.

“Fall in Love” by Coqui

Samuel Jacob Lopez Jr. aka Coqui comes to us with the refreshingly romantic and warm magic of “Fall in Love”. With this track they remind the butterflies that reside within us that flying is of the essence and that love is in the air. The melodies and lyrics become one and feed our senses with a most-welcomed escape from reality that is sure to make us feel peace and happiness. His voice is uniquely charming and honest inviting to bring down our walls and understand that there’s something special within this soundscape. The verses are complement by the visuals that really deliver on the romanticism and sweet magic that makes this fairy tale feel so real and so true.

“Paradise” by Sarah Jordan

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Sarah Jordan comes to us with the soothing and inviting sonic creation that is “Paradise”. With this captivating and warm blend of melodies and lyrics she paints a picture that is surreal yet uniquely relatable and magical. The track offers us with a chance to escape from reality and explore a world that is personal to the artist yet allows us to stop by and relax for a bit. She has crafted the perfect track to find peace within our own self and step aside for a few minutes and let the world continue its course. The track is a must for it offers something special that gives us the chance to find the time to reconnect with who we are.

“Painless” by Kaeley Jade

The always amazing singer/songwriter Kaeley Jade comes to us once more and this time she does so with the bittersweet sonic creation that is “Painless”. With this refreshing and utterly relatable blend of melodies and lyrics she explores the sad moment in which a relationship goes sideways. The soundscape is vivid and inviting offering us a chance dive into it and really see the story come alive and connect with us. There’s something about it that hits the spot and allows us find a place to break free and simply sing along as the track flows verse after verse. So listen closely for this story is sure to feels as much hers as it could feel ours.

“Birthday” by Halley Neal

From Nashville, TN comes the uber-talented Halley Neal with the bittersweet and honest sonic realm found within “Birthday”. With this down-to-earth blend of melodies and lyrics she gives life to a tale that speaks of the aftermath of a breakup and how things change between two that were so close and longer are. She understands that this relationship is no longer the way it was and communication is no longer a given. The verses flow one after the other giving life to a vivid and mesmerizing soundscape that is sure to speak to more that one. The sounds combine a classic and contemporary touch that make the track so much more beautiful and magical allowing it to instantly speak to all no matter the age or gender.

“Marriage of Convenience” by Platonica Erotica

LA born, London-based Hannah Hayden AKA Platonica Erotica comes to us with the intoxicating sonic gem that is “Marriage of Convenience”. With this enticing and at times over-dramatic blend of melodies and lyrics she explores the aftermath of a breakup that took a toll on her heart and soul. The verses hit the ground running and come alive from the very fist second as they give life to a story so vivid and so raw. The soundscape unfolds beautifully into the airwaves and offers our senses a welcomed dose of cinematic and mesmerizing magic. She has crafted something special and honest that borders on exaggeration and pettiness but perfectly understands the brash reality of the heart when anger, heartbreak and sadness come together.

“noRoom” by Nicholas Hamilton ft. SAVS

Collaborations made in musical heaven are always welcomed and this combination of voices and talents offered by Nicholas Hamilton and SAVS is a must. Together they give life to a tale that comes from their respective hearts and paints a picture that is honest and relatable with “noRoom”. With this exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics they explore the ups and downs that come after a breakup ensues and you find yourself in that uncomfortable in-between in which you still care but you are no longer the one in that person’s heart. The soundscape unfolds with vivid and lush verses that embrace our senses and instantly wake our imagination as their story becomes ours. They have created a contemporary and mesmerizing must-listen gem bound to speak to listeners and find a home within their hearts.

“Modern Dream” by EREZ

New York born indie singer/songwriter EREZ comes to us with the intoxicating and hypnotizing sonic gem that is “Modern Dream”. With this refreshingly real and honest blend of melodies and lyrics she explores our modern human existence and brings forth questions that are sure to connect. The track aim to search for what pushes us to seek validation and fame, is it something inside us or is there an invisible hand guiding us and pushing us to crave all of this. Her voice allows us to feel the pull into her realm instantly as we connect the dots between each verse and let the image become clearer and clearer as our doubts grown more and more. There’s something about this track that leaves you perplexed and wondering what’s the meaning of it all.

“Mama” by Catie Turner

Uber-talented singer/songwriter Catie Turner comes to us with the most beautiful Mother day’s gift of them all with “Mama”. With this track she gives life to a beautiful recollection of moments shared with her own mother that are sure to connect with others. The track paints a picture that is so human and so instantly magical that there’s no way you can stop yourself from smiling. Honestly, the track is perfect and makes me smile as i reminisce about my own memories with my own mother and I hope it does the same for you. This is a must-listen/must-see musical creation that allows us to sit down and relax.

“Mutiny” by Neoni

Uber-talented duo of sisters Neoni comes to us with the in your face sonic magic of “Mutiny”. With this perfectly crafted blend of melodies and lyrics they light the world on fire as they remind us that we don’t need be what someone desires us to be. They find the strength in their own voice and by doing so, invite us to the same as we break free from the rules that push us down. They escape from what society wants happiness to be defined as and instead manage to create a personal and individual definition that allows them to be both free and happy. The track is sure to hit a nerve as it becomes an anthem for the modern masses to find their voice and speak up.

“Fool” by margø

The always mesmerizing margø comes to us once more and she delivers the powerful and honest sonic gem that is “Fool”. With this refreshingly raw and human blend of melodies and lyrics she explores the dynamic of toxic relationships with a fire that is quite hypnotizing. The track speaks to us and remind us of our own worth and the power that resides in our hands as she makes sure we realize that we can away from who is no good. We don’t to stay in a relationship that brings no happiness, no joy and no warmth that makes us welcomed and understood. So listen closely and remember that you are valuable and no one can make feel less than anything or anyone.

“Body Bag” by DEVORA

The uber-talented indie singer/songwriter DEVORA comes to us with the in-your-face sonic gem that is “Body Bag”. With this refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics, she does not mince words and perfectly showcases her anger in a way that is honestly quite hypnotizing. Seeing her break free and simply allow her voice to express all that dwells within is quite quite freeing to us and allows us to the same as the verses flow one after the other. The track is rebellious and manages to really hit the spot as we connect the dots and and let our imagination roam wild within this soundscape. She takes for a ride that unlike anything else out there offering the chance to connect and break away from all the rules that hold us back.

“Worst Enemy” by Jess Benko

Up and coming Canadian indie singer/songwriter Jess Benko opens up her heart and soul and shares her latest single, “Worst Enemy”. With this deeply personal and insightful soundscape she walks away from the glitz and the glamour usually seen within the pop genre and instead offers a powerful invitation to explore our own humanity. The track comes from a place that hits on subjects that might be tough to hear for a few but personally, are welcomed and refreshing to find. She caresses our senses with an understanding of our fragile reality that does not judge but instead invites us to explore and aim to see clearly what resides inside of us. The track is a must and personally allows us all to see of the magic that makes up this uber-talented young artist.

“Bonnie & Clyde” by Elena

Canadian singer/songwriter Elena comes to us with the vivid and captivating sonic escapade that is “Bonnie & Clyde”. With this refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics she gives life to a must-listen contemporary indie pop gem that is sure to play with your senses from the very first second. The track is amazing and makes for an enticing and intoxicating musical creation that connects with our imagination and allows us to be part of the story that is part of it. Her voice has a certain je ne sais quoi that makes the experience so hypnotizing and easy to connect with allowing us to be invested as the verses come one after the other. So listen closely and become Bonnie or Clyde and let your imagination go wild.

“Kaleidoscope.” by Dean St.

Charming and inviting indie folk-pop sounds come alive courtesy of Dean St. and their latest single, “Kaleidoscope”. With this beautifully crafted ukulele-drive soundscape they blend melodies and lyrics to give life to a story that is sure to speak to all who listen instantly. The verses flow one after the other painting a picture that is so human and so real, allowing us all to find a reflection of our own existence within it. There’s something about the soundscape that makes it a home for our weary hearts and souls as we are fed with a welcomed serving of hope and motivation. They truly have created something special bound to become a fan favorite and a personal must-listen gem.

“Chasing the High” by Beat The System

Uber-talented indie pop band Beat The System come to Wolf in a Suit with the refreshing dose of positive vibes that is part of “Chasing the high”. With this charming and inviting blend of melodies and lyrics they bring forth a track that is sure to speak to our hearts and make us smile. The soundscape is exactly what you need to pick yourself up and see that there’s so much beauty and magic waiting for all us out in the world. The track is vivid and makes for a welcoming and mesmerizing escape from reality that is sure to become a fan favorite. So listen, imagine and we dive into the sweet dose of musical ambrosia offered by this must-listen gem.

“Dream” by Forrest Run

Australian supernova of talent Forrest Run comes to us with the hypnotizing sonic escapade that is “Dream”. With this refreshingly captivating and soothing blend of melodies and lyrics they transport to world unlike anything else out there. The track caresses our senses and offers our imagination an enticing and utterly intoxicating serving of musical ambrosia that is sure to turn out to be all we ever needed. The track is perfection from beginning to end and as it comes together, it speaks to us and invites us to explore what dwells within it. It truly is one of the most amazing soundscapes I’ve had the pleasure to explore and I would happily invite you to come along for the ride.

“G.L.I.T.R.” by Nova Rose

From Canada comes the uber-talented and mesmerizing Nova Rose and the freeing sonic creation that “G.L.I.T.R.” With this utterly captivating and enticing soundscape she invites us to drive into the night and simply let go of all the rules that hold us back and enjoy the adventure that awaits. The melodies and lyrics perfectly complement each other offering our senses a chance to breakaway and embrace the sweet magic that dwells inside this fantastic must-listen gem. We can truly dive into this soundscape and dance, smile and simply be one with the music as it comes together beautifully. So come with me and let us explore the vivid and lush reality of her latest musical creation.

“I can’t help myself” by Valentine Byrne ft. Jacuzzi Jefferson

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Valentine Byrne joins forces with Jacuzzi Jefferson and together they give life to the cinematic sonic creation that is “I can’t help myself”. With this exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics we are transported to a world that is surreal yet manages to feel so personal and so real to all who listen. The track paints a picture that is so human and so raw as it tells us something bound to find a home within our hearts and souls making us feel the push and pull of being in love with someone. She offers us the fantasies and the bittersweet taste that at times is part of this experience making sure the soundscape unfolds and really speaks to all of us. This track is without a doubt one of the best of 2021 as it gives pop a much needed shock of something special.

“Don’t waste your love” by BOO SEEKA Ft. Golding

From Australia comes the sweet magic of BOO SEEKA and Golding with their amazing collaboration, “Don’t waste your love”. Together they blend melodies and lyrics to give life to one hell of a sonic adventure that is sure to feed your senses with all that you ever craved. The soundscape unfolds into the airwaves inviting our bodies to dance and simply smile as the story unfolds and pulls us in. There’s nothing we can do about the way the track is bound to play with our imagination as our senses feel the shock of electricity from this one of a kind soundscape. This track is one that will play perfectly on your car as you drive to destination unknown.