“Dress up for you” by The Technicolors

US-based indie rock band The Technicolors comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the hypnotizing sonic creation that is “Dress up for you”. With this refreshingly soothing yet strangely electrifying blend of melodies and lyrics they give life to a story bound to pull you in. The soundscape unfolds into the airwaves and gives our senses a fine dose of musical ambrosia that is sure offer us the right touch to get our imagination ready to go. The verses intertwined so perfectly together as they become one telling a tale that explores the reality of being alive and being human. In it’s subtle and hypnotizing touch you can find a home that offers us with a mesmerizing and much-welcomed escape from reality. So listen closely for there’s something within this track bound to win you over and become a must-listen for you and others. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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“This is a song about dressing up for you. Which is actually a metaphor.

The song started to feel like a bit of a mini-film or something, and our producer Jon was pretty adamant about having each instrument to play its own role, much like a character, which not only helped us keep things simple on a musical end but it contributed to the story & overall theme of the song. Which is actually a metaphor.”

Brennan Smiley of The Technicolors about “Dress up for you”

“The concept started as this tiny seed of a child of an earworm of a guitar riff that we set on a constant loop for hours until it started to feel like a place. We wanted each section to feel like you walk into a new room with different furniture, hopefully revealing different sides of the character while the whole thing slowly becomes more chaotic the further you go down the rabbit hole. Maybe we didn’t plan it that way, but I think that’s what we ended up with.

It’s had several lives at this point. It started as a loop to an iPhone beat machine in Brennan’s room, then inside another smaller room of another studio, then we tracked at our friend Jon’s studio in LA, through another cell phone, a tape machine, then mixed it at our friend Jarod’s studio in Oklahoma. Somehow it became a song, I hope.”

Sean Silverman of The Technicolors about “Dress up for you”

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