“Standing” by Kayls

Uber-talented indie goddess Kayls comes to Wolf in a Suit once more and this time around giving me the pleasure of premiering her latest single, “Standing”. With this track she reflects back on a past tumultuous relationship with a pretty famous businessman that is now known for wanting to implant chips on brains and having the most well known brand of electric cars. As she blends melodies and lyrics we gain an insight into a relationship that might end up serving as a reflection of our ups and downs in our quest for love. She does not shy away from what once was and embraces her own voice to reflect on and realize that the track is not only a recollection of the moments shared but part of a healing process that at times ends up being necessary. So listen to this fantastic soundscape and let it grab a hold of you into a realm where this must listen gem can fully explode. Enjoy!

“My relationship with Elon was just like this song. We were on and off for nearly a year and his desires were ambiguous. Once, he was willing to just trash all the furniture in a room if I didn’t like it. Then, he introduced me to Grimes at a bbq nonchalantly. I knew it was deeper when I saw them together at a red carpet event. What I chalked it up to is, “He’s in love with where I stand,” which is true – we all stand where we land and if it’s status you want, you have to earn it. By the end, I was accepting empty apologies and invitations to parties where I would become a metaphor to the power he holds. Ultimately, it’s like your loneliness score goes up the more money you have.” 




If there was one specific moment in your relationship with Elon you could say embodied the song as a whole, which one would it be?

We were on and off for nearly a year. I’d say a good deal of my experiences from our relationship influenced me to write “Standing” and it was part of the healing process. Much of it came through post-realizations. The song’s chorus is about the moment I first saw him with Grimes at a red-carpet event. He invited me over to his place soon after and introduced me to her. It’s like he wanted us both for different reasons. His desires were ambiguous. In the same way he was constantly changing future around his house. “He’s in love with where I stand,” which is true – we all stand where we land and if it’s status you want, you have to earn it. The chorus is how I felt in the beginning and the verses are a reflection of the feelings I had after. 

Does the song only draw inspiration from this relationship specifically or would you say other experiences added to it?

When I write, it’s like a junk drawer of inspiration. We compile all of our experiences in our brains and certain ones stick out a little more… Like the time Elon was just causally texting Leonardo DiCaprio while we were in bed, being unable to sleep due to worrying all night about stuff working out in my life, or just even being able to trust someone completely. Trust issues is a big part of the song. “Standing” is a dark narrative highlight reel of what I was thinking, feeling and processing during that insane relationship.  

What is a lesson that you would share to others inspired by this relationship?

Tesla has the worst customer service known to any other car company in the history of car companies. Buyer beware.

Do you think you will explore this relationship in the future for inspiration or is this chapter complete?

I pulled bits inspiration from the relationship for songs that are unreleased, as well as some that were already released such as Drive Away. But I don’t think I’ll be writing any more in regards to it. The chapter is complete.

What does love mean to you?

It means a clear coat on a new car and it also means the dust on the highway. It means walking away and also running toward someone. It means strength and also vulnerability, open arms at night but also the next morning.

The most important ingredient you look for in a relationship?

I’m always looking for a best friend. 

“Buyer Beware”

How does it feel to work with an all-female music production team? Do you feel a better connection and understanding?

I feel an extreme connection and understanding working with Bambor Leany. It’s not just she’s female, it’s she is the best producer and a good person.  I couldn’t be happier working with her.

What would you like people to feel when they hear your music?

A strong and intelligent female, who’s introspective yet outgoing enough to speak unapologetically.

What drove you to make this decision? and is it something you would recommend to other female artists?

It’s like the decision was pre-made for me. It fell into my lap. When I first arrived at Bambor Leany’s studio, I couldn’t believe she wasn’t already on the charts. Just like the relationship. I stand where I land. It’s true, I just landed in her presence, and it was a perfect fit.

What’s the best part of making this decision?

The best part is I actually get to support the female movement in the music industry without just talking about it at brunches and events where they sell you yoga mats to cope with the sexism. But by releasing music that is only female produced, it helps.

What can we expect from your songs in the future?

Bambor Leany and I have a few finished that I still want to release. Those are an extension of what we’ve been sharing, but I am super excited to create a new body of work. We are conceptualizing it now and I’m hoping to release the EP late summer.


What inspires each wardrobe? is it the story within the song or the moment in which you are in at the time of crafting?

Both. I definitely listen to the song on repeat and try to see myself within that song before designing. When the time comes to make the wardrobe things usually change conceptually in the moment if my creative team has a certain visual idea. For drive away it was glow in the dark. So I incorporated that concept into each design.

Of all the wardrobes you have designed, which one would you label as your pièce de résistance?

Probably the looks I designed for Bend & Bow. I loved putting those looks together and they took me quite a long time. I don’t know though, I have a connection to the clothes because of the music and I just really love that song.

Is there a brand or brands that draw your attention in regards to fashion?

I love haute couture , but among designers making accessible fashion I really love Collina Strada, she is dope and SUSTAINABLE.

You must have piece in regards to your own personal wardrobe?

I actually don’t spend crazy amounts of money on clothing. I find that super wasteful. I prefer to design clothing that’s too unique to purchase. I do also love Ganni, who’s also a responsible clothing line. I have a few pieces from there that are super fun and easy to wear day to day.


I prefer to design clothing that’s too unique to purchase.

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